From June to October, guests and local inhabitants are daily offered a multitude of cultural and entertainment programmes.


The central activities of the Bol Summer Festival are events like the Bol litnja noć (Bol Summer Night), and represents a dinning-musical programme on the waterfront each week, followed by a rich and always well attended Series of classical music concerts in the Dominican monastery which are held once a week, and also the increasingly popular Series of summer exhibitions in the Cultural Hall Gallery. Something that shouldn't be missed are the theatre troupes for children and adults in the beautiful summer theatre - Teatrino "Dva ferala". Here too one can also enjoy well known jazz musicians a few times each summer and enjoy the klapa (acapello group) concerts or book promotions.
The Bol cultural summer with its guests compliments the larger events on the mainland: Festival of Dalmatian Klapa Omiš with debut evenings on Bol, the Festival of Mediterranean film in Split with the projectCinema Mediterranean in Bol,

"Imena" - Culture festival in Bol
Lovely Days - Days of video art - Renata Poljak
Graffiti on the gradele (Graffiti on grill) -Festival of youth for the young
International Brac Summer Carnival